Mara and Moe prepare every day, with love for good things, a 100% homemade, tasty and inventive cuisine. We work with the best fishermen in Rangiroa to guarantee the quality of ultra fresh fish.


Included in the price of the night, is served from 7 am to 9 am on the edge of the lagoon under the Fare Pote’e and included: fresh bread, tea, coffee, fruit juice, fresh fruit, homemade jam, homemade yogurt.


Dinner is optional and is also served under the fare pote’e by the lagoon. Fixed menu dish / dessert, water included, served at 7 p.m.: 4900 xpf (2450 xpf from 2 to 11 years old)

Want a drink?

We will prepare you a 100% local ti-punch for you for an aperitif: Mana'o rum from Rangiroa, MeriTuams honey from Rangiroa, and limes from the Marquesas! And above all, don't forget that the only vineyard in French Polynesia is in Rangiroa! Tahitian wine is a must-try: Blanc de Corail, Rosé Nacarat, Monamona, the sweet white wine.

Lunch: we do not offer lunch but have lots of advice to offer you! By bike there are several snack bars and restaurants nearby for lunch.