Le Coconut Lodge is an eco-friendly establishment.Rangiroa is a very isolated atoll, the nature is magnificent and the underwater fauna exceptional.
Alice & Nicolas, the owners, are fully in a process of total respect for this environment.
The bungalow mini-bars are 100% zero waste. Soda and beer bottles are returnable.During your stay please do not throw them away and put them aside.If you choose to buy your drinks in a store, please prefer returnable bottles to limit waste that is not processed on our atoll.
We use the minimum of plastic or aluminum.All leftover food and peelings are given to animals.Our approach being to produce as little waste as possible, we thank you for not forgetting during your stay that on an atoll in the middle of the Pacific, waste treatment is not the same as in Europe or USA.
You can fill your carafe at the fountain with filtered drinking water under the fare pote’e. Please do not leave the light, fan or air conditioning on when you leave your room.
We work with the best fishermen in Rangiroa to guarantee 100% responsible fishing.The lagoon fish are caught one by one, snorkeling, by the atoll's best underwater fishermen.The fish are caught by line.